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24 Hour Locksmith

We are open and provide 24 hour locksmith services to the entire city of Milford MI.


And our local locksmith shop is located at:


965 E Summit St #13
Milford, MI 48381

Locksmith Milford Mill MI - Emergency locksmith - Lost car keys

There are many reasons for needing an emergency locksmith. For when you locked keys in car, home or office and need a 24 hour locksmith. Or if you lost car keys and need one of our emergencies locksmiths to make you a car key replacement. Or if you need to rekey locks of your business, home or car due to an unwanted individual not giving your keys back.

Regardless of which reason has you looking for a 24 hours locksmiths company, you are going to need a an emergencies locksmith you can trust. And in your favor you have come to the right place. Since we have been providing 24 hour locksmith services for a long time.

So our emergency locksmith technicians are experienced and very well trained to help you if you locked keys in vehicle. And also if you lose car key and want to have one of our 24 hours locksmiths have your lost car key replaced.

Here at Locksmith Milford Mill MI we can help your business too if you or one of your employees locked keys in car. Or even if they lost car keys and need a car key replacement. As our rekey locks service can be performed on any car make and model, plus it can also be done to every door lock for homes & businesses.

And when the emergency locksmith is done having your business, home or car key replaced with our rekey locks service; all old keys (lost or not) will be blocked from opening the rekeyed locks ever again. Protecting you, your family, your employees and or your property.

Our top emergency locksmith service request is for rescue from locked keys in vehicle, which happens a lot more often than you'd think. And can be solved in a matter of minutes.

Plus a great piece of advice that we can't stress enough is that needing an emergencies locksmith can be prevented for if you lose car key or locked them in the car with something as simple as making a spare car key.

then you keep the spare car key in a safe place, and when life throws a lockout your way. And if a lockout problem happens again.

You simply grab the spare key and open the locked door without having to wait or pay for an emergency locksmith.

So call right away to 248-382-8540 if you need any of the 24 hour locksmith services mentioned above. And we can dispatch one of our emergencies locksmith technician out to you.