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24 Hour Locksmith

We are open and provide 24 hour locksmith services to the entire city of Milford MI.


And our local locksmith shop is located at:


965 E Summit St #13
Milford, MI 48381


And our local locksmith shop Hours are :


All Days From
08:00AM To 11:00PM

Locksmith in Milford MI - Locked out of house - Rekey locksmith

Here at Locksmith Milford Mill MI we also have a team of expert residential locksmiths. They're available 24 hours a day, every day of the week too. So when you're locked out of house and need an emergency locksmith nearby to unlock your door locks give us a call to 248-382-8540.

residential locksmith unlock door

Plus we have been providing and leading the residential locksmith services field in the city of Milford MI for a very long time.

And we have plans to be around for even longer too. Making sure we can become your local locksmith that you keep in your phones contacts list.

We are the emergencies locksmith near me of choice for the city of Milford MI. Helping people who get locked out of apartment.

Or people who get locked out of house. In either of those two cases we would send an emergency locksmith out to your apartment or house to unlock the door for you.

If you end up losing the key to your door lock altogether we can help with that too. As we would just send out one of our emergencies locksmith nearby to your apartment or house. And our emergency locksmith would rekey lock in your house or apartment.

By doing the rekey locks service, they will make sure the lost keys no longer work on your door locks and also make you a new set of keys for your door lock at the same time. And while you have the locksmith near me doing the rekey locks service, we recommend having him make you a spare set of keys.

locksmith rekey locks

That way you can avoid needing emergency locksmith services if you're locked out of apartment. Or if you are locked out of home again.

This will not only save you time in the future, but it will also save you a considerable amount of money when comparing the price of emergency locksmiths to making a spare key that just costs a few dollars.

As our team of residential locksmiths can do any and all types of locksmith services for home. From making copies of your house key, unlocking your door if you're locked out of apartment or home, rekey locks if you lose your keys and much more.

So whenever you need any type of residential or emergency locksmith services for your home give us a call right away to 248-382-8540. And let us send out one of our residential locksmith technicians to your home or apartment and help you take care of all the locksmith services you need.